1 gallon Zip-Tan Tanning Spray


1/2 gallon Zip-Tan Tanning Spray


The Zip Tan is a fast acting tanning product designed to tan in JUST AN HOUR!

This great product is one of the highest grade spay solutions on the market. Zip Tan is known for it's smooth silky finish.Spray your client then alow them to dry off with forced air of hair dryer then re-apply. Client must shower in one hour.

This spray tanning product includes a patented moisturizing complex that keeps skin from drying. Proper dha formulation for brown not orange tans! Includes premium antioxidants to help slow cell turnover rate for a longer lasting tan. The ingredients come from all over the world. The product is made in the U.S. and our mission is simply to make the very best!

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