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T-5020 Gun Included!

The Sun-Mist T-700 Kit comes with every thing you need to get started!




SUN-MIST T-700 Complete Kit

Hushed, Vari-Speed, Mobile Excellence

The Sun-Mist™ takes UVSunless Tanning to the professional level. A high performance, rugged system it can be used equally well at home, in a client’s home, or in a high volume salon. The Sun-Mist™ offers excellence in HVLP sunless tanning: Our Vari-Speed variable speed control provides hushed performance as well as the ability to contour and shade Also know that this is a true HVLP system from TangoSun and Apollo.


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Check out the unique qualities Sun-Mist™ can bring to your business:

  • The Sun-Mist™ features an all new, sleek, matte black case with black micro-foam filters
  • The Sun-Mist™ offers the unique HandiHold™ docking station to safely hold and store the Mist applicator on the case - so it is always ready to spray
  • HVLPsun’s™ high performance T5020 Mist Applicator ensures that the tanning solution applies perfectly for uniform coverage.
  • The 14’ (4.2m) slim and flexible air hose with quick connect couplers means the hose is never in the way.
  • The slim, flexible air hose makes the application process lighter and more user friendly
  • Sun-Mist™ is quieter and more precise with the advanced technology Variable Speed Control. Variable speed makes contouring so much easier
  • Sun-Mist™ has a comfortable, fold down luggage style carry handle.
  • The Sun-Mist™ is expressly designed to apply tanning solutions evenly and efficiently. So easy to use and the solution goes on the client, not in the air
  • The Sun-Mist™ Applicator has all stainless steel fluid parts to atomize the solution into tiny perfect particles in a precision controlled spray fan.
  • The Sun-Mist™ Applicator is always cool to the technician’s touch, a key benefit during a long day of spray tanning

Most of the HVLP Systems available for sunless tanning are designed for the application of paints and finishes. They are not designed for the application of much thinner products like Spray On Tanning Solutions. They are too powerful, and the PSI is much more than needed, anywhere from 5-7 PSI at the spray tip, our system applies at a very low PSI of 1.0


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